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Björg Marteinsdóttir Health Master / AirBnB hostess “Thank you Gitte. Your classes have been like wind under my wings. I now know how to nurture myself and have a new found trust in life. I sleep well and awaken happy and then fly all day. It’s so amazing! You are an amazing teacher Gitte. Thank you for spreading your Positive Power sparkles my way. Thank you forever and always!”
Dýrleif – Sparrow Body Harmony “To take Gittes workshops and programs create a new world, a world that is more real, all the specks disappear and boundaries are strengthened so nothing and nobody can stop you ever again. PS Sometimes I find myself watching her videos for a 3rd time because she is saying so many important things.”
Jóhanna K. Tómasdóttir Leader, Inspirer and Reconstructor “I cannot thank you for all you have done for me. You really opened my eyes to everything that is possible and made me realize that I am the one who is responsible for my life. That realization alone was worth all the time I have spent with you. When I thought I was a victim, you showed me my strengths, when I was lost, you always saw new ways. If I hadn’t met you I‘d probably still be jobless and hopeless. Now I am thriving. How does it get any better than that? Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Maria Edit Antal Movement Medicine “On the weekend, I felt it very ease and safe and I got a lot of information that I could use and experience that helped me to think about my feelings and look inside. I learned to trust myself, the others and God. Love is state of being and I felt it was very good to have to go through that experience, TO BE, wait with, listen to my feelings and to deal with all that came up. It was just like a river, more relaxed and more as I think it is natural to human beings.”
Marteinn Helgason Electrician “I still feel this joy-feeling. I been happy in many ways, but never like this. When I walk or stand I’m not as bent in the neck and back. And if I start to bend, I notice it and straighten up… I bought a fruit drink, there was this ready feeling to try it. I would never have done this before, never ever crossed my mind. I have almost stopped drinking soft drinks,I want is less and less. No idea why, just feels like enough… Talking to people and hearing other people talk is different. There is more focus, I am more aware of what’s my stuff and what isn’t…I see now I’ve been trying to help and aid people in a way that I shouldn’t do. Doing too much for people is not helping them, and most certainly not me… The stress at work affects me differently. Before I’d go into do-everything mode, and hyper-around all day. That has stopped. I feel sorry for the stressed people. But am able to distance myself. Other people are no longer able to “give” me the stress…Last but not least, realizing that I am a HSPerson and accepting that being different is better.”
Sara Kristjánsdóttir Massage Therapist “After having worked with you Gitte, I am much more consciously aware of what I do and how I behave. I am much more connected to my feelings and I know what I want. I have a much easier time creating my life; life is so much more fun and easy after this program. I trust myself like I never have before and I am no longer afraid of speaking my truth and of being myself. I have my feet planted firmly on the ground now and have a clarity of mind I never thought possible. I respect my own feelings and the feelings of others much more now. I also feel energised when taking the next step in my life and have come to see appreciate all the good things that my sensitivity brings to me and my life. I would not have missed this workshop and program. It has led me to a great place in my life.”

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The world needs people who notices things, think deeply about those things and then make decisions from their heart. These people are us, Highly Sensitive People. I am dedicated to helping all Highly Sensitive People discover the magic and power of their High Sensitivity, learn to trust their wisdom and gain the self-confidence to share their wisdom, power and magic with the world. I believe that you have something wonderful and important to give!