Gitte Lassen, The Positive Power Pilgrim

I believe that High Sensitivity is a gift of power and magic.
I believe that Highly Sensitive people are born as a promise to the world.
I believe that Highly Sensitive People can change the world.


People Are In Pain Because Of Their High Sensitivity…

And It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way!

Hello and a warm welcome to my website. My name is Gitte Lassen and I would like to share a bit about my personal journey as a Highly Sensitive Person.

I started out from a place of painful sensitivity.


What is ‘Painful Sensitivity’?

Highly Sensitive people are highly attuned and open to the environment on all levels.

‘Painful sensitivity’ is where you take in too much from life and it all feels too personal; too intense, too loud, too busy, too many, too stimulating, too overwhelming, too much… and you end up feeling exhausted, anxious, irritable, depressed and just wanting to go hide from the world.

When the environment has any negativity in it, it becomes even more painful.

This was my starting point and it is where many Highly Sensitive people around the world find themselves today.


Transforming From Painfully To Powerfully Sensitive

I began my journey of embracing my high sensitivity in 1987 and by doing so transformed my life for the better.

I knew I was different from everyone else in my family when I was growing up. Like so many Highly Sensitive people, I felt there was something very wrong with me because I was different and I withdrew from life. I hid in daydreams and books.  I was excruciatingly shy and barely spoke a word.I had extremely low self-esteem and zero self-confidence.

But somehow I knew there had to be something better, that there was a way for me to find my confidence, live life fully and become the person I knew deep inside I really was.

Many years of personal transformational work later, I am that person. I have learned not to be painfully sensitive. Instead, I have embraced the gift and power of my High Sensitivity and gained the confidence to live my truth and spread my message.

Having moved through the painful side of being Highly Sensitive in my life, I now consider myself Powerfully Sensitive. And  being Highly Sensitive has become one of the best parts of my life.


I Help Other Highly Sensitive People Find Freedom From Anxiety And Overwhelm

As my understanding deepened and my passion for transformational healing work grew, I started working with other people.  I now help other Highly Sensitive people find freedom from stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

I help them embrace and love the gift of power and magic that High Sensitivity is.

I help them find their confidence to live their deepest and most powerful truth.

I do this by working with my clients in a close, supportive and loving way.

“Your classes have been like wind under my wings. I now know how to nurture myself and have a newfound trust in life. I sleep well and awaken happy and then fly all day. It’s so amazing! You are an amazing teacher Gitte. Thank you for spreading your Positive Power sparkles my way. Thank you forever and always!” – Björg Marteinnsdóttir


Empowering Highly Sensitive People

Over the past 25 years, I’ve worked with many Highly Sensitive people to help them learn to love their High Sensitivity and find their confidence and power through it.


We are meant to shine, not hide!

My unshakable belief is that those of us born Highly Sensitive are meant to show the world a better way. We notice more, we think deeper about what we notice and we make decisions with heart; in other words, Highly Sensitive people make better decisions.*

“I feel as though I am becoming more confident in taking up space by using my voice.” – Chiedza


Highly Sensitive People Are Wise And Gifted

As co-founder of the School of Health Mastery and an experienced teacher, I have carefully crafted courses and workshops that bring out the wisdom and hidden gifts of High Sensitivity and that allow Highly Sensitive people to become who they were meant to be.

I’ve personally mentored 100’s of participants into becoming Powerfully Sensitive individuals that speak, and live, a positive message of love, healing, transformation and empowerment.


“I cannot thank you for all you have done for me, Gitte. You opened my eyes to everything that is possible and to who I could become. That alone was worth all the time I have spent with you.” – Jóhanna K. Tómasdóttir


From Painfully Sensitive to Powerfully Sensitive

I believe everyone has the right to unconditional love and acceptance and the right to be their true self; these are the values that I hold closest to my heart, and this is the foundation for the learning environment I create.I take a gentle, yet powerful, approach to get to the heart of deep-rooted problems and start the healing process.

My clients tell me they gain clarity and calm, joy and confidence from attending my programs.


“I love your beautiful positive message and the extraordinary vision of transforming Painfully Sensitive into Powerfully Sensitive.”


From Curse To Blessing

Through my 3-hour workshop “From Curse To Blessing”, available both live and online, and my Sensitivity Mastery program, Highly Sensitive People learn how to:

  • Bring an end to experiencing anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion and unhappiness
  • Gain clarity and insight into what is really means to be a Highly Sensitive Person
  • Embrace their High Sensitivity as the gift of power and magic it truly is
  • Trust their High Sensitivity
  • Gain confidence as a Highly Sensitive Person
  • Become Powerfully Sensitive


“The stress at work affects me differently. Before, I would go into ‘do-everything mode’ and ‘hyper-around all day’. That has stopped, I can distance myself. And other people are no longer able to ‘give’ me stress.” – Marteinn Helgason


Embracing The Power Of High Sensitivity – And Spreading The Word

I love to share my knowledge and I do this as an international speaker and workshop facilitator as well as through online programs.


I Would Love To Work With You

My greatest reward is witnessing my clients and students as they embrace the power of their High Sensitivity, start speaking and living their truth with confidence and begin making a real difference in the world.

It would be my greatest honor and pleasure to support you in your journey from Painfully Sensitive to Powerfully Sensitive. 

If you would like more information, please email me at